IBM Dividend Safety Score

ibm safety score

(NYSE:IBM) IBM dividend safety score is 73 earning it a rating of B

B ratings are considered good but not excellent, clearly there is room to improve financial metrics, nonetheless the company’s dividend should be safe and future dividend growth is supported by reasonable financial metrics. Investors should consider owning or purchasing stocks with B ratings after doing additional research, with a particular focus on if the financial metrics are trending down or up.

ibm dividend safety

IBM Dividend Safety Score Metrics:

IBM Dividend Payout Ratio is rated Excellent

IBM FCF Payout Ratio is rated Good

IBM Net Debt/EBITDA is rated Good

IBM Interest Coverage is rated Excellent

IBM Long-Term EPS Growth Rate is rated Not Great

IBM 14-Day Relative Strength is rated Okay

IBM 3-Year Book Value/sh CAGR is rated Danger Zone

IBM 3-Year FCF/sh CAGR is rated Not Great

IBM 3-Year Dividend/sh CAGR is rated Excellent

IBM 3-Year Earnings/sh CAGR is rated Danger Zone

IBM Altman Z-Score is rated Good


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