CVX Dividend Safety Score

CVX dividend safety score

(NYSE:CVX) CVX dividend safety score is 67 earning it a rating of C.

C ratings still generally provide investors with a reasonable margin of safety that the dividend is sustainable, but many signs are beginning to appear that a cut could potentially be on the way, it is important for investors to do further research before owning these names, as a dividend cut would likely bring a stock price decline.

Chevron dividend safety model

CVX Dividend Safety Score Metrics:

CVX Dividend Payout Ratio is rated Danger Zone

CVX FCF Payout Ratio is rated Excellent

CVX Net Debt/EBITDA is rated Good

CVX Interest Coverage is rated Danger Zone

CVX Long-Term EPS Growth Rate is rated Excellent

CVX 14-Day Relative Strength is rated Warning

CVX 3-Year Book Value/sh CAGR is rated Okay

CVX 3-Year FCF/sh CAGR is rated Excellent

CVX 3-Year Dividend/sh CAGR is rated Not Great

CVX 3-Year Earnings/sh CAGR is rated Danger Zone

CVX Altman Z-Score is rated Okay

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