Apple Stock Dividend


How often does Apple pay dividends?

Apple dividends occur once every three months, ie. quarterly. The most recent AAPL dividend payment was $0.57 per share, which investors in Apple stock can expect quarterly. Although, this amount could continue to rise which is in-line with Apple’s dividend history.

What is the dividend yield for Apple?

Apple stock dividend is currently $0.57 per share in 2017, which means that each year the stock will pay at least $2.28 per share in dividends. This could increase if Apple announced a dividend increase. To calculate AAPL dividend yield simply take the dividend amount and divide it by the current stock price, for example if Apple stock is currently trading at $140 per share than the dividend yield would be 1.6%. If you don’t think that is enough, you should check out some of the high yield dividend aristocrats that offer investors dividends closer to 4%.

What is Apple’s dividend?

Apple’s dividend is currently $0.57 per share every quarter which is equivalent to $2.28 per share every year. An APPL dividend increase is a high possibility though as the company has a substantial amount of cash on its balance sheet. If you own Apple stock you can collect a dividend every three months, you can see the full AAPL dividend history here.

What is Apple’s dividend history? Find out here:

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